Frequently Asked Questions

Which are the accepted payment ways?
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Can I collect directly from your shop the order I sent on-line?
Yes, of course. Besides the on line sale through our site, we sell also directly in our shop at Gallarate (VA), but only after having fixed appointment via e.mail at luca.grampa

How much are the shipping charges?
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Is my Privacy guaranteed?
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Are all the items listed on the site available for prompt shipment?
After we have received an order, we follow it up by our confirming e-mail.. Only after our confirmation of the acceptaance of your order you can proceed with the payment of the items. The shipment will follow within 3 working days after we have received your payment.

Can I send back an item ordered for mistake?
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What's the difference between "new" and "like new"?
"New" means that the article comes directly from the manufacturer or from the official dealer; "like new" means that the article is in practically new conditions, but it can be of different origins, for example part of a collection. In this latter case it is always considered as second-hand.

What's the difference between Märklin HO gauge items and the ones of other brands?
If it is not differently specified in the item description, the Märklin HO gauge items work in Alternative Current (A.C.) layouts with 3rd rail tracks; the current supply takes place with the central rail (or stud contacts) as positive pole and both side rails as negative pole.
If it is not differently specified in the item description, the other HO gauge brands instead work in Direct Current (D.C.) layouts; the current supply takes place with the positive pole connected to one of the rails and the negative pole connected to the other one.
Therefore it is not possible without next transformations to use AC locos on DC layouts or the other way around.
Instead, about rolling stock without motor like freight cars, passengers coaches and so on, you can use D.C. items on A.C. Märklin layouts without any transformation, the other way around Märklin A.C. freight cars, passengers coaches and so on can be used on D.C. layouts of other brands with the replacement of the axles with the insulated type ones.

What does DELTA mean? Can a DELTA loco work on a Märklin digital layout?
The DELTA module is a Digital decoder of the first generation which allows the simultaneous circulation of up to 5 locos on the same track with different addresses of power supply reception . The DELTA module can be settled in order that a loco can run on a DIGITAL layout with the digital basic functions.

Can I use a DELTA or DIGITAL loco, even coming from last generation, on my old analogical Märklin layout?
On the old analogical layouts with power supply not digital performed before the 90’s, you can use any DELTA o DIGITAL locos keeping in mind that:
1) in almost all DIGITAL locos of the first generation with Märklin code 36XX with four numbers, bulbs will not light up if you do not modify the electrical system of the locos.
2) the DIGITAL locos of the last generation (manufactured after 2000) must be supplied with modern white power supply units Märklin code 6647 to prevent any damages to the decoders; avoid using light blue plastic power supply units and strictly banish the old metal blue ones

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